Reclaim the Night – Soon!

Reclaim the Night: Come March!

Reclaim the night is fast approaching! For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a yearly national march organised by the London Feminist Network to stand up and say NO to rape, and all forms of male violence against women, this year the message the march intends to bring forward also includes an emphatic NO to cuts to women’s services, which have been disproportionately affected by governmental austerity measures.

UCLU Women’s Network is joining the march and we’re thinking BIG! Join us and the LGBT forum in the quad at 5pm on Saturday November 26th, to walk and join the main march leaving from Whitehall. Unfortunately the main march is WOMEN ONLY, sadly most LFN events are, but the rally afterwards is open to all and we should be easy to find with all our banners so men are welcome to join us there!

The main march: https://www . facebook . com/event . php?eid=186442828103751
The rally: https://www . facebook . com/event . php?eid=115908211853045

We’ve got Banner Making too!In preparation for the march we’re holding a placard and banner making workshop you can bring your own materials, or use some of the stuff we’ll provide to make your opinions know and shown at the march.

This will be held on Wednesday November 23rd, 5-6pm in the social study space. If you can’t make this, don’t worry, it’s the footfall that’s really important and you can probably help someone else carry their banner.


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