The Night…Reclaimed!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who came along.

It was a cold November night but we reclaimed it! Joining thousands of women (and what a beautiful sight it was) and a notable amount of police officers through central London we sang, stomped a little bit and held up our placards with pride. And we now have a rather brilliant banner.

You can see the official pictures here and here’s a little selection of the network.

Also a highlight of the march must be shared. As we were marching there were a few that shouted some negative comments (there were lot of support as well) or stood  mesmerised by the tide of women marching past, one bloke had a chuckle and proceeded to get under the tape to join the march. We all tensed up when a big doberman walking with us on the march, without missing a beat, barked at him and he jumped back onto the pavement. There was a big cheer and the legend was born of the feminist dog. Hurrah!



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