UCLU Should be Pro-Choice

ALL UCL Students can vote on this in a referendum In February:

Today a motion was submitted to the UCLU Emergency Members’ Meeting. The motion was entitled:

‘Support a Student’s Right to Choose – UCLU should be Pro-Choice’.

It aimed to encourage balanced discussion of abortion, raise awareness of the surrounding issues, and support students in making decisions about their bodies and their futures.

An individual has the legal right to choose to terminate or continue a pregnancy and this policy reflects those legal rights. We want to give students the information and the confidence they require in order to make that decision for themselves.

UCLU already does an incredible job when it comes to student welfare and the next step is to pass this motion, to be proud of supporting a woman’s right to choose. We can’t afford to commit to student rights half-heartedly and official pro-choice policy leaves no doubt that UCLU supports its members.

This motion was shot down. It’s noted that the people who stood up to make a speech in opposition were male. The proposers of the motion were female. Read into that what you will.

This motion in no way represents an attack on those who are opposed to abortion on moral, ethical or religious grounds. It supports their right to share their beliefs as much as it supports students in voicing pro-choice opinions.  We want to encourage discussion, not suppress it.

Because not everyone who wanted to vote was able to fit into the lecture theatre all three motions discussed at the EMM will go to a referendum. This means that EVERY UCL STUDENT will be able to vote online.

Keep checking the blog for more updates, like the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/UCLU-should-be-Pro-Choice/277763825603846) and most importantly SPREAD THE WORD.

Support the motion – support students’ right to choose.

By Annie Tidbury


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