Now officially Pro-Choice

Last Thursday UCLU members voted in favour of our Union adopting official pro-choice policy. After weeks of non-stop planning and campaigning the UCLU Women’ Network were thrilled to see such a landslide victory. In fact the Yes campaign won by just under 1200 votes. The people have well and truly spoken.

Students also voted in favour of an affiliation to Abortion Rights. Abortion Rights is the national pro-choice campaign which seeks to defend access to safe termination and opposes any restriction on the right to choose. In return for an annual payment of £50 the Union will receive support and information relating to reproductive rights and their protection.

It’s about time that UCLU stood up for the right to choose. The implementation of such pro-choice policy comes at a time when reproductive rights are constantly coming under attack in the UK. Considering UCLU has over 12,000 female and trans male members it’s hard to imagine how this referendum could have produced any other result. We are now the fifth students’ union to have adopted pro-choice policy and hopefully we can encourage others to do the same. Students will no doubt continue to be an invaluable force when it comes to protecting reproductive rights.

Many thanks go to all those who campaigned tirelessly for this victory. We spoke out for choice and we won.

The exact breakdown of results can be found here:

Annie Tidbury


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