Monthly Archives: October 2012

1. Welcome

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of the Guidance Document

4. Elect Committee Members

5. Ideas for Motions to be submitted at upcoming Council Meetings

6. Discussion on Upcoming/ Ideas for Campaigns

7. Sign up to Campaigns

8. Any Other Business


Women’s Network Guidance Document

Here is the current (2011-2012) Guidance Document for UCLU Women’s Network. 

In the next forum we will be discussing changes that people may wish to make to it, including the introduction of new committee positions, and possibly the removal of current positions. 

It’s also worth thinking about the wording of the documentation, i.e. who can run for certain roles, all riveting stuff, particularly is you’re a little punctilious. 

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Thanks to everyone who turned out today for the First Women’s Forum. 

It was really great to chair, and see so many fresh and eager faces all ready to smash the patriarchy. 

Today was a great way to mull over some ideas for future campaigns and events, and generally get to know what it is that the Women’s Network gets up to and you to suggest what we should be doing. 

Our next forum will be less informal, as guidance documents need to be discussed, with mention of changing certain positions on the committee, including introducing a position for a Black and Ethnic Minority Representative (BEM). 

The guidance document will be added on here so people can look over it and suggest any changes that they wish to make. 

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Hey everyone, just to let you know that the first Women’s Forum of the year will be on Tuesday 9th October at 1-2pm in the Social Study Space, second floor of 25 Gordon Street. 

It’s a great opportunity to discuss the year ahead, share ideas for activities, socials and future campaigns. 

Look forward to seeing everyone there, and continue to smash the patriarchy!!

Beth (Women’s Officer)